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SOTAMBE International Film and Arts Festival was established in 2014 in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. In a local language, SOTAMBE means "come and watch". It aims to educate and raise awareness of social issues through film and arts. The organization serves as a platform for:
1. Learning institutions that want to use documentaries, arts and panel discussions as a new and advanced method of learning.
2. Local filmmakers and artists looking to showcase their projects, share ideas and inspire others.
3. Capacity building for the filmmaking industry through filmmaking workshops.

Up to the run of the festival each year, they organize filmmaking workshops and boot camps, art workshops for children and art exhibitions, outdoor screenings, film entrepreneurship conferences, and filmmaking labs.

The FILM FESTIVAL runs in September and this year Kenya’s award-winning feature film “MISSION TO RESCUE” has been nominated in the SOTAMBE IFAF 8th edition. Also note that Non-Competition is open to filmmakers worldwide. The annual event will consist of documentary film screenings followed by panel discussions targeting students from colleges and universities, as well as screenings of locally produced movies followed by discussions with the producers and directors on challenges they faced during the production process. Additional programmes consist of art exhibitions, filmmaking labs, concerts and many more.



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