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The film industry is one of the most impactful sectors in modern society. Every video and every film reflect society and transforms opinions. Films help us see the world from an improved perspective. This understanding ignited the spark that led to the formation of Foxton Media Limited. Since our inception in 2019, we have created several movies, documentaries, TV series, Radio Series, photo books publishing, and we are currently expanding our content base to include animations.

At Foxton Media Limited, we visualize engaging stories. We are a full-service audio-visual production company that continuously focuses on providing high-quality, informative, inspiring, and entertaining content. We have always endeavored to inform and educate the audience while entertaining them.

Our Journey

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coerced revenge poster
2018, short-film

Coerced Revenge

‘After finishing high school, ‘Lulu’ gets accepted into the prestigious University of Nairobi. She is torn between going to the university and taking care of her ailing mother. Her Uncle who recently arrived back from the Middle East (Pakistan) after being radicalized and converting to Islam approaches her. His blind revenge mission leads him to offer for medical assistance to ‘Lulu’s’ mother in exchange for a series of acts that will lead to one of the worst terror attacks Kenya has ever seen. Driven by the love for her mother ‘Lulu’ agrees to carry out her uncle’s plans that lead her down a dark path of lies and deceit ending in a climactic standoff with security forces that force her to choose between life in prison or death.

mission to rescue poster
2019, Movie

Mission To Rescue

Set within a military camp along the Kenya-Somalia border, the Kenya Special Operations Forces who are training for their next mission receive word that the Assistant County Commissioner and two others have been abducted by the Al-Shabaab militia. Under the leadership of Captain Baraza, the soldiers make attempts to rescue the abductees and capture or eliminate the enemy amidst tough conditions.

choices poster
2022, Web Series


Choices is a web series that touches on several contemporary social problems like crime, poverty, drug & alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies, single parenting, unemployment, family, and sexual health (STIs). The film takes us through the lives of Kush, a teenage boy trying to make it in the slums after his mother disappears, and his 15-year-old pregnant and HIV-positive girlfriend, Suzie. The local drug dealer, Dingo, kills Kush while he (Kush) tries to protect his girlfriend, whom Dingo believes is a police informer. The story is told years after the fact by Kush’s son, Jamo, who has written a book about his father’s life.

Mpakani poster
2022, Series

Mpakani: Story of the North

Mpakani is a 10 episode series featuring a Special Intervention Unit (SIU) of the administration police. The unit is dispatched to the frontline in Wajii, (a fictitious town) to deal with the threat posed by the notorious Burhaan who is planning a major terrorist attack in Nairobi. Mpakani looks at the inner workings of the 6 – member unit that is stationed in a regular RBPU base at the Kenya/Somalia border and as well as the personal challenges of the diverse members beyond their professional world.