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Kenya’s first Military action full feature film “Mission To Rescue” by Foxton Media Limited has been selected for World Premiere during the prestigious Zanzibar International film festivals (ZIFF-2021). 

ZIFF takes part every year on the Island of Zanzibar in the Republic of Tanzania. This year’s Festival will start on 21st July 2021 with a colorful opening ceremony on the same Wednesday evening. Mission To Rescue film world premiere will be on Saturday 24th July 2021 from 1900+3 hrs. GMT at Old Fort Screenings. 

Each Year, some of the most captivating and cutting-edge cinema from Africa and beyond are screened in venues across the island. From world premieres to local shorts, they are all there with a long history of showcasing the highest quality film from all over the world. 

The festival aims to raise awareness and promote international cinema as art, entertainment and as an industry, promoting dialogue, human rights and freedom. The festival makes a huge contribution towards a better understanding of cinema. 

The film seeks to showcase Kenyan’s capacity to produce high quality films that resonate with challenges and opportunities that we have around like great shooting locations, capable and enthusiastic characters and crew members.  

The film carries a message on radicalization and terrorism and how security forces combat the same; a challenge that is not only in the East African states but globally. 

The film has been screening in theaters across Mombasa (Nyali Cinemax), Nairobi (Anga Imax) and Kisumu (Mega cinema). The film is also currently on Safaricom-Baze platform, where it has attracted huge viewership from Kenyans of all walks of life. 

This has been enabled through partnership between, Kenya Film Commission, French Embassy-Nairobi and Foxton Media Limited. 

Click here for  the films' filmography for further review. 



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  • Mony
    10 months ago

    Just like the Producer Kara Wambui said "This is a pace setter"! Hongera Kenya, proudly Kenyan!

  • Mony Muteti
    10 months ago

    Just like the Producer Kara Wambui said "This is a pace setter"! Hongera Kenya, proudly Kenyan!

  • Caroline
    10 months ago

    Kenya 🇰🇪to the world!

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